Goodbye LJ??

Well I've thought about this long and hard over the past week and I really don't have the time to update this anymore. So because of that and other personal reasons, I am closing this LJ. I will be removed from your friends lists soonly.

Note: this journal will be kept for modding purposes. I could never abandon hug______. ♥

Goodbye all. It's been fun~
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what is your secret??

Because I love this site so much.. I had a random idea. Anyone on my friends list that wants to post a secret to this entry.. please do. You can post them anonymously (in fact I'd like that better). I'm just curious.
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Friends Only

x. I don't like random people commenting on my journal. It's nice to know who they are.

x. Respect others
x. dONT tYp lYK D1s!1!111@!!! it's annoying as hell.
x. Be open-minded
x. Respect ME (why else are you going to read this?)
x. LJ-Cuts are your friends..
x. Comments once in a while are nice
x. If you do NOT comment here you will NOT be added!

わかりますか? understand? then:

Comment to be added.
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